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“Dear Linda, Thank you so much for believing in us, loving us, correcting us, guiding us and not giving up on us! Looking back over the past year, I feel very overwhelmed at how perfect the Lord choose to break us, heal us...all the while lavishing his perfect love on us. The Lord knew that we needed you in this process. As I realized yesterday that you have played the role as a loving, healthy parent, my heart melted with love and thanks. God knows what we need, and I have needed you in so many ways. Thank you for investing all of you in our recovery process. You never hold back from sharing the miracles of your life. I will be forever grateful for the lord putting you in my life. I love you! ”

“Linda, Thank you for teaching me to trust God and others with the real me instead of my old life of trying so painfully to please Him and everyone.  Relaxing and unraveling enough to get real is not normal in our CCC culture, so thanks for patiently enduring and understanding so that we can. You have given us a great Valentine's Day gift through your care!"
Love D

“My only regrets are that I hadn’t seen her a long time ago.”

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